Welcome to Januwordy

This site is no longer being maintained and may be shut down soon.

Januwordy is a daily writing challenge in January.  Writers just like you — if you’re reading this, you are a writer — can take on the Januwordy challenge by writing something each day of the month.  The only goal is to encourage people that enjoy writing to write.  More details are on the Rules and FAQ pages of this site.

Januwordy launched in 2019, and is preparing to kick off its third season in 2021.  It is based on the concept popularized by the Inktober project for artists.  I enjoy writing, but have let other things get in the way of staying fresh.  I created Januwordy with the intent of building a daily routine that includes putting words to paper (or screen).

If you have paper and pen, or a typewriter, or a computer, or a phone, then you have all you need.

Write today.  Write everyday.

— Scott Isaacs

Note: Writing prompts are now available for Januwordy 2021.