Writing Prompts

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Januwordy 2021 Prompts

Date Prompt
1st Again
2nd March
3rd Realistic
4th Principle
5th Weight
6th Path
7th Lost
8th Deception
9th Group
10th Cast
11th Again
12th Choose
13th Sound
14th Advantage
15th Forward
16th Lead
17th Son
18th Break
19th Ally
20th Fear
21st Again
22nd Barrier
23rd Fall
24th How
25th Supply
26th Self
27th Unique
28th Experiment
29th Crowded
30th Out
31st Again

Don’t like any of the words for this year?  Here are some suggestions from the past.  Or throw it all out the window and write about whatever you want.

Januwordy 2020 Prompts

Date Prompt
1st Hunger
2nd Challenge
3rd Now
4th Brave
5th Honor
6th Complete
7th Rest
8th Distinct
9th Believe
10th Fine
11th Clarity
12th Calm
13th Achieve
14th Joy
15th Encourage
16th Finish
17th Yes
18th Ashamed
19th Scary
20th Forgive
21st Admire
22nd Adventure
23rd Reach
24th Vast
25th Genuine
26th Momentum
27th Empower
28th Freedom
29th Alive
30th Bold
31st Create

Januwordy 2019 Prompts

Date Prompt Alternate
1st Cascade Strengthen
2nd Unexpected Cheat
3rd Secret Agony
4th Billion Ascend
5th Deceive Epiphany
6th Coarse Gamble
7th Persuade Hoax
8th Scold Catastrophe
9th Entrance Staggering
10th Treasure Honor
11th Magic Epic
12th Bomb Beware
13th Beat Gift
14th Arrogant Endorse
15th Risky Prize
16th Rule Pale
17th Thrive Target
18th Blinded Forgotten
19th Belief Force
20th Pest Free
21st Authentic Delight
22nd Colossal Audacious
23rd Noble Backlash
24th Faith Shun
25th Doom Crazy
26th Cheer Encompass
27th Unleash Dignity
28th Anonymous Sink
29th Defeat Extra
30th Pound Official
31st Lullaby Double